Release Notes

This page shows changes made to the Gabriel Collaboration Suite Application for Linux, iOS, macOS, Windows and Android. You can also find changes for the Admin Portal, here:

May 26, 2020
7.521 053043d5a1 – Linux 7.522 14a8fafa9f

  • Improved the behavior of the “busy” signal in Secure Calls
  • On macOS, moved away from using deprecated kernel extensions (KEXT) for the tun device
  • On Windows, improved the efficiency of firewall rule management
  • On the Gabriel user interface:
    • Added the ability for a user to switch default servers when accepting a Domain Server invite
    • Improved the user experience with filtering names in the friends list
    • Added new back-tick ( ` ) notation for sharing quotes & code blocks in Secure Messages
    • Added new ‘smoke’ theme.
    • Fixed a caching bug with the beta “inline images” feature.
    • In Secure Mail, fixed a bug on Android where draft messages contained HTML characters
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes

April 9, 2020
7.515 20d9cd6b55

  • Improved iOS CallKit integration for placing and answering Secure Calls.
  • Improved message queue processing, tracking and recovery of blacklisted, offline and sleeping devices.
  • Fixed a rare bug in Secure Sync that prevent a 2 files from be sent at the same time to different destinations if they had the same name
  • Restructured libraries to support standalone platform builds
  • Further improved the “inline images” feature. Resolved a few issues related to the timing of downloading and displaying images. (This beta feature must still be manually enabled in User Preferences)
  • Fixed a bug with Secure Mail notification sounds playing too often when running multiple identities.
  • Fixed many other minor bugs, resolved a few crashes and made several other performance improvements

March 17, 2020
7.512 fc4074fa8b

  • Fixed a VPN routing issue on all non-Linux platforms
  • Fixed a memory leak in all platforms

March 12, 2020
7.511 5ca85b46cd

  • Fixed a minor display bug in the user interface

March 6, 2020
7.505 aad660b922
7.509 bd3c5cd48a (Linux)

  • Added support for two-factor authentication for new device activations
  • Started saving user preferences to a sqlite database
  • Added ability for inline images to finish downloading while another conversation is active (This beta feature must still be manually enabled in User Preferences)
  • Enhanced Certificate issuing and signing capability to handle multiple registrars and rotating signing certificates for better online certificate issuing security at registrars.
  • Fixed a bug where forwarded emails with attachments sometimes failed to send properly
  • On Linux, improved DNS interaction with local proxy systems
  • On Windows, improved detection of adapter state for uninstallation/re-installation
  • Several other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

January 29, 2020
7.501 e0fedb648e

  • Added support for local and domain CNAME records
  • On Android, added a new Secure Browser activity for opening secure websites
  • Enhanced the inline images feature in Secure Messaging to automatically rotate pictures taken in another orientation. (This feature must still be manually enabled in User Preferences)
  • Fixed a bug where ‘server update’ emails were not always being delivered after a new Gabriel release
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails of images were not being generated
  • Created a new database to store application preferences (like theme and notification settings)
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes

December 5, 2019
7.491 2919578b9e

  • Added a new feature that allows users to sort Secure Share folders by size, modified time and name
  • Updated the user interface to be cleaner and crisper
  • Updated the format of UI timestamps to be more meaningful and leverage the user’s locale
  • Enhanced Secure Sync processing to utilize metrics to better prioritize sending files
  • Fixed a bug in Secure Gateway where endpoints were being stopped and started too frequently on startup
  • Added a new feature that allows users to compress and download an entire Secure Share folder as a single file
  • Added a new beta feature beta that allows users to display chat images inside of the conversations
  • Added the ability for users to clear conversation history for a single identity at a time (versus the entire device)
  • Improved the Secure Mail backup process to better manage older files
  • Improved the efficiency of the Secure Mail and Secure Chat messaging system
  • On Linux, added support for RedHat / CentOS using a RPM installer
  • On Android, fixed a bug where downloading a file would sometimes fail if the download took too long
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes

October 11, 2019
7.478 2690c33811

  • Added the “Manage Friends” button to the top of all application tabs
  • Enhanced the “copy link” action in Secure Share for files and folders
  • Implemented SecureSync blacklisting on servers to reduce backlog and prevent lockups (Linux only)
  • Fixed a bug with sharing files with special characters
  • On Android, fixed a bug where downloaded files were missing from the “Downloads” folder
  • On Windows, optionally uninstall certificates on uninstall
  • Added an option to restart the Gabriel Service from the tray icon (Windows only)
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Voice would not work properly after Gabriel restarts (Windows only)
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Shares would sometimes not be accessible to friends
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from accepting an server invitation

September 23, 2019
7.467 (7.470 Windows)

  • Changed minimum supported macOS version to 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Improved Secure Gateway port mapping to reduce application overhead
  • Added support for new Secure Gateway licenses (replaces ‘premium’ flag)
  • Added the ability for Domain Admins to manage all their servers, not just the ones they have joined as a client.
  • Increased efficiency of syncing Secure Mail attachments to recipients
  • In Secure Mail, threads are now grouped together in the view
  • Updated the client to support separated Registry and Registrar Servers
  • Added the ability to fetch new TLDs from the Registrar
  • On Windows, fixed Gabriel Pro to properly use the logged in user’s home directory
  • Reduce the frequency of writes to the settings file
  • Updated relay protocol code to improve relay service efficiency.
  • On Android, fixed a bug where Gabriel would hang on start when no network was found
  • In Secure Messaging, added support for back-ticks to better format messages as code or a quote.
  • In Secure Mail, improved the user experience for composing and sending new messagesMany other performance improvements and bug fixes

June 17, 2019

  • Added new icons to indicate if a Secure Mail messages has been replied or forwarded
  • Added wide-string support for system error messages.
  • Fixed a bug where false “Delivery Failure” messages were sometimes being sent even if the mail was delivered successfully
  • Fixed a bug where Domain Server system notifications did not always include the name of the sending server
  • Merged the Outbox and Sent mail folders & added new icons and status indicators for Secure Mail thats pending delivery
  • Fixed a bug where a the last ‘sort order’ was being overwritten in Secure Mail folders
  • On Android, fixed a bug on ChromeBooks where the mouse pointer was sometimes not responding
  • Fixed an issue where a peer’s devices list was sometimes showing nothing
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Mail recipients in the TO, CC and BCC fields could not be removed by tapping
  • For desktop devices, updated the Secure Mail compose view to always start by showing the attachment field
  • For desktop devices, fixed a bug where deleting a Secure Mail message with attachments was not removing the files from the disk
  • Fixed a bug where canceling an email pending delivery would not cancel sending the attachment
  • Fixed a bug where attaching an email to a SecureMail was putting SecureMail app in a loop
  • For desktops, increased font size on Windows and OSX could not print secure mail properly

May 14, 2019

  • Added new feature that allow users to import/share files from outside Gabriel on iOS, Windows & Android
  • Added the ability to print Secure Mail on Windows and macOS
  • Improved the user experience of creating new Secure Gateway services
  • Fixed an issue where Audit tracking was not always started properly on new domain servers
  • Started displaying the “Data Usage Prompt” for all platforms on first run
  • Fixed an initial mail import issue on Windows for users that have Japanese characters in their username
  • New update and install process for Linux using apt-get
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes  

March 15, 2019
7.393 (7.397 Linux)

  • Fixed several bluetooth-related audio issues
  • Fixed a bug where shared movie files would not open properly
  • Fixed a bug where the iPad Pro was not resizing properly
  • Fixed an issue where shared picture meta-data was getting dropped
  • Enhanced support for (NDS) domain servers
  • Added support for SQL connected databases for messaging
  • Added support for single-sided/one-way security policies
  • Many other minor performance improvements and bug fixes

December 15, 2018

  • In Secure Share, added the ability to search for files by name, size or modified date
  • Added a new feature that allows Domain Admins to add descriptive tags to their users.
  • Added ability for users in a domain to discover new users by one or more tags
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to paste text when composing a new secure message
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes

November 13, 2018

  • Fixed an issue where a user’s Secure Mail server would sometimes incorrectly show as offline
  • Fixed an issue with accessing shared files after a new Domain Server migration

November 05, 2018

  • Added support for a new breed of domain servers which operation more efficiently
  • Improved efficiency of VPN initiation and handshaking
  • Improved Gabriel startup time by prioritizing processing to the active account
  • New domain policy to support auto-peering across trusted “peer domains”
  • New domain policy to block the creation of new Secure Gateway Services
  • Added additional audit capabilities for Secure Mail, Secure Chat and Secure Share
  • Improved delivery & clearing of unread message indicators
  • Added Secure Mail Delivery failure notifications
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes

July 06, 2018

7.320 – Android Only

  • Improved the first-run experience with permission requests and add helpful explanations for how we utilize device features (like camera, mic, contacts, etc.)
  • Fixed several crashes introduced in API 26

June 24, 2018

  • Fixed a minor bug in the ‘new user’ sign-up process
  • Migrated Android to Firebase for push message processing

June 20, 2018

  • Fixed a bug on iOS to improve the ‘Monthly Subscription’ purchase process
  • A few other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

June 4, 2018

  • Added ‘Monthly Subscription’ support for purchasing new accounts
  • Enhanced Domain Administrator controls for managing search results and the peering process
  • Added the ability to allow users to reject & block friend requests that come from the same person
  • Fixed several bugs related to creating, inviting, leaving and silencing group conversation
  • Added a new feature called “Shortcuts” that allow users to create links to different friend folders
  • Brought back the ‘Dark’ theme and added 2 new themes; ‘The Blues’ & ‘Terminal
  • Improved the process for creating and discovering Secure Gateway service
  • Made improvements to Secure Voice audio quality on Window
  • In Secure Share, added the ability for folder owners to hide the names of users with read and write access
  • Improved the start up speed of Secure Chat and added the ability to load additional conversation history
  • Fixed several bugs improve connection handshaking and reduce private address conflicts
  • Many other bug fixes and performance & stability improvements

April 11, 2018
7.289 – Android Only

  • Fixed a crash introduced in 7.288

March 28, 2018

  • Added new “busy” signal for Secure Calling
  • Added ability to place a Secure Call on “hold” while cell voice calls are in progress
  • On Windows, Gabriel configuration files are now cleaned up on uninstall
  • On iOS, upgraded from the deprecated UIWebView to WKWebView
  • Added additional help for creating new Secure Gateway services
  • Many other bug fixes and stability improvements

February 20, 2018

  • Improved the flow for new user signups and account creation
  • Updated the Secure Communications icon to match new logo usage standards
  • Fixed a few issues in Secure Share with moving and renaming files and folders
  • Fixed a few issues in the Japanese Windows installer
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Chat notifications were not being displayed in the active language
  • Fixed a bug where some Secure Mail folders could not be renamed
  • Several other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

February 12, 2018

  • Added Japanese language support
  • Added support for multiple SDN accounts/identities on a single device
  • Fixed a Secure Mail issue where attachments with some special characters could not be opened
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Voice continues to ring on OS X after the call is answered on another device
  • Fixed a Windows bug where starting Gabriel sometimes resulted in duplicate icons in the system tray
  • Improved VPN connections on devices with multiple identities
  • Detect and notify users when a device has multiple conflicting network connections
  • Many other bug fixes and stability improvements

December 10, 2017

  • Fixed a few bugs with answering Secure Voice calls
  • Fixed an Android bug where notifications did not show updated friend aliases
  • Fixed a bug where pending messages would slowly trickle in after a device was offline for a few days
  • Addressed an issue where some users could not create a new Secure Sync while using Secure Share in pop-out mode
  • Several other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

November 27, 2017

  • Improved iOS and Android Push notification processing
  • Simplified the ‘Security Policy’ framework to use a single policy
  • Added the ability to assign groups in Secure Gateway and Secure Share access control
  • Added the ability to block downloaded files from automatically opening
  • Leaving a group conversation on one device will now reflect on all your other devices
  • Enhanced the “formatted code” view with line numbers and colors
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Mail fonts were the wrong size when viewed on higher resolution screens
  • Fixed a few bugs with making and answering Secure Voice calls
  • Many other bug fixes and performance & stability improvement

October 12, 2017
7.236 (Linux, iOS)
7.235 (macOS, Windows, Android)

  • Improved reliability of push notifications for incoming secure messages
  • Reading a chat on one device is reflected across all devices
  • Improved speed of delivery for pending messages to devices that have been offline
  • Added ability in Windows to select a region of your screen to share
  • Added ability to resize the left column when in 2 column mode
  • Improved “formatted code” detection in Secure Chat and added a new scrollable ‘Code View’ dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Mail fonts were the wrong size when viewed on higher resolution screens
  • Redesigned the initial “login” and “new account” screens
  • Fixed a bug where message and mail timestamps would appear stale
  • Fixed bugs related to establishing an incoming Secure Call
  • Upgraded JQuery, JqueryUI, Icons, Rich Text Editor, Handlebars
  • Many other bug fixes and performance & stability improvement

August 9, 2017

  • Fixed a bug connecting VPNs with devices that have multiple identities.

August 3, 2017

  • Improved Secure Calling ring and connection process
  • Faster VPN handshaking and better awareness of network switching
  • Improved the way push notifications are delivered and processed on mobile devices.
  • Reduced memory usage across the entire application
  • Restructured core and application-level libraries
  • Added ability for changes to DomainPolicy and DomainGroup changes propagate to clients.
  • Addressed various scenarios where where Secure Mail clients would not properly import, fetch, or display mail
  • Fixed a few cases where Secure Sync would not properly finish
  • Updated Secure Chat message identifiers to reduce occurrences of missing, duplicate or out-of-order messages
  • Improved GUI draw speed and eliminated draw “flicker” on mobile devices
  • Added Bluetooth support for Secure Calling on Android devices
  • Many other bug fixes and performance & stability improvement

May 18, 2017
7.200 (Android/iOS only)

  • Fixed bug where pushed messages were being lost after restarting Gabriel
  • Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

April 27, 2017

  • Increased Secure Call ring/answer time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Allow incoming Secure Calls to be answered by tapping the main Gabriel app icon (Android)
  • Allow the domain administrator to block the ability to have downloaded files automatically open on completion
  • Reduced startup time for Shared/Domain Servers
  • Improved user experience with downloading files over 1MB. Downloads can be move to the background and will resume on error.
  • Improved performance of messaging sub-system, primarily for Shared/Domain servers.
  • Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

March 28, 2017
7.187 (7.190 on Android & Linux)

  • Improved Secure Call audio and inbound call handling
  • Silencing conversations can now be applied to all conversations and syncs with all devices.
  • Added ability to choose which apps are visible in the user interface
  • Improved visual indicators for system messages (server offline, updates ready, etc.)
  • Added support for Android 7
  • Added ability to choose all types of files to share in Secure Chat (iOS Only)
  • Integrated with iOS CallKit to allow answering Secure Calls from the lock screen
  • Other enhancements and stability improvements

January 31, 2017

  • Added green, yellow and gray status icons for your friends
  • Improved visibility of indicators when you have a new friend request or new server invite
  • In Secure Sync, improved user experience when choosing which files to exclude from a backup. Also fixed a display issue that incorrectly reported the destination was offline.
  • In Secure Chat, fixed a bug where your conversations were not always scrolling to the bottom
  • For enterprise domain servers, increased flexibility of storing conversation history
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Mail was always properly imported from your mail server after install
  • On iOS, fixed a bug where the screen would ‘flicker’ or ‘flash’ when content was redrawn
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the main icons where not loaded before the user interface was displayed
  • Added the ability to properly handle fragmented packets
  • Improved performance of NAT testing and implemented caching
  • Other minor fixes and stability improvements


January 16, 2017

  • Improved user experience with managing Security Policies
  • On iOS, added support for downloading, sharing and exporting files opened in Gabriel
  • On Android, standardize the launch ‘splash’ screen
  • In Secure Share, autogenerate medium sized photos for preview after files are uploaded
  • Added support in Secure Sync for syncing files larger than 2GB
  • Fixed a bug where importing your Secure Mail would never complete
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Chat notifications were not always issued after switching devices
  • Fixed a few bugs where files with special characters could not be opened in Windows
  • Improved performance on devices with multiple identities
  • Added support for www, A record, AAA record and MX record resolutions
  • Other minor fixes and stability improvements


December 16, 2016
7.167 (7.169 on Windows & OS X)

  • Improved messaging history support for domains policies that implement Audit
  • Improved logic for discovering available connect & relay servers
  • Fixed missing outbound ‘ring’ when calling from iOS
  • Fixed unable to ‘copy & paste’ bug in Secure Mail
  • Fixed bug in Secure Share where the “New Backup” button was not available sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where iOS was asking for for access to contacts for users who cannot invite others
  • Fixed a bug where opening attachments failed sometimes when mail was popped out
  • Other minor fixes and stability improvements


December 6, 2016

  • Expanded IPv6 support
  • Added “Group Chat Mentions” feature – A special indicator when someone mentions your name in a group conversatio
  • Faster VPN handshaking and better awareness of network switching
  • Many other minor bug fixes and stability improvements


November 11, 2016

  • Improved Secure Messaging delivery (messages sync with all your devices)
  • New unified user interface
  • New Domain/Group Policy & Domain User Groups
  • Offline support of incoming messages (Windows 10/Push)
  • Customizable audit support
  • Windows and Linux FIPS
  • Secure Gateway Improvements
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


September 8, 2016

  • Fixed a few bugs with Secure Share uploads & notifications
  • Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

September 2, 2016

  • Added Secure Share Notifications (users can subscribe to changes in folders)
  • Improved Secure Gateway connectivity for mobile devices
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

July 26, 2016
7.108 (7.107 on iOS)

  • Added IPv6 Support
  • Added “Busy Signal” when calling a friend who is already in Secure Call
  • Added ability to switch between front and back cameras (iOS)
  • Added TouchId support & privacy filter when switching between apps (iOS)
  • Dynamically adjust Secure Call bitrates to improve audio clarity and video quality
  • Auto install Gabriel updates on restart
  • Added Windows Notification Center integration (Windows 10)
  • Improved delivery process for Secure Mail attachments
  • Improved syncing of changes to Secure Mail messages across devices
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

May 12, 2016

  • Improved logic for Syncing/Pushing files to friends without a default server
  • Upgraded SSL libraries
  • Added support for larger symmetric keys
  • Added ability to invite friends to any custom domain you own
  • Added ability to search in your domain only or all domains
  • Added expanded Secure Chat window and Secure Mail List-with-preview for wider Gabriel views
  • Improved stability for multiple-Gabriel-accounts installs
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

January 17, 2016

  • Improved SecureMail performance
  • Improved echo cancel and audio performance in SecureVoice
  • Added In-App Purchase Support for Google Play and the App Store

November 30, 2015

  • First Release for Apple iOS
  • Backup syncs have improved logic and flexibility for handling network problems
  • VOIP call improvements
  • User defined groups for chat and email
  • Added new “mobile interface”
  • Improved FileSync status reporting
  • Added support for Push Notifications
  • Many bug fixes

July 28, 2015

  • Improved Android Battery Life and Performance
  • Secure Gateway – Enable secure Gabriel access to 3rd party services (cameras, multi-media, etc)
  • Send a non-Gabriel user a Secure Mail where they receive the email securely by signing up for Gabriel
  • No limit on invites in myvirnetx.scom
  • More Customizable User Preferences – New dark theme and customizable font size
  • Gabriel now supports native Android file chooser
  • Many bug fixes

June 5, 2015

  • SecureVideo: Fix crash specific to Samsung s4 and other phones that don’t support arbitrary camera preview sizes
  • SecureVoice: Fix crash on 2nd SecureVoice call on Samsung s6 phones
  • SecureMail: improve reliability for delivery of attachments
  • Fix bug with occasional white screen when app is brought to foreground
  • Simplified new Account Signup
  • Other changes to improve scalability and reliability

May 5, 2015

  • Initial Production Release
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements found in last BETA release
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