Firewall Rules

In most environments, no network modifications should be required, including enabling any inbound ports on your router/firewall. However, depending on your network configuration, it may be necessary to unblock outbound TCP port 7788 so that devices can register themselves as online and be ready to accept connections from other registered devices.

Additionally, when direct connections are not possible due to various situations between the networks of the connecting devices, a relay may need to be used to forward encrypted traffic. In this case, outbound traffic on TCP/UDP ports 2000 – 2020 will need to be allowed through the firewall.

On Windows, if you are running an antivirus application with an additional firewall like McAfee®, Norton Internet Security™ or Trend Micro™ Security you may need to allow Gabriel through as an exception.


Configuring McAfee Windows Firewall to enable Gabriel

The following instructions apply to  McAfee Version 14.0
PDF: mcafee_firewall


Configuring Norton Windows Firewall to enable Gabriel

The following instructions apply to Norton Version 22.2
PDF: norton_firewall

VIPRE Internet Security

Configuring Vipre Windows Firewall to enable Gabriel

Please follow the steps in the attached document to configure Gabriel to work with Vipre Internet Security.
Permissions for Gabriel in Vipre Internet Security

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