How to Automatically Backup Your Pictures on Android using Gabriel.

How to Automatically Backup Your Pictures on Android using Gabriel

This guide assumes you have already registered a Secure Domain Name (SDN) and you have downloaded and installed the Gabriel application on 2 devices, 1 android and 1 other device.

FIRST: Create or Edit a Share mapped to your camera

On your android device, create a share or edit the “Pictures” folder to point to the location the camera saves pictures.

  1. Go to the “Share” app and then go to “My Files”, and then “Local File”.
  2. Press the “actions” button next to the “Pictures” folder
  3. Remove any unwanted readers from the “Read Access” field.
  4. Expand the “Write Access & Options” section
  5. Look for the “Folder Path” field and press the “Browse” button (magnifying glass button)
  6. Press “Up” a few times until you see the “Camera” folder or the “DCIM” folder
  7. Press “Choose” to the right of that folder.
  8. After it’s saved, open on the pictures folder to verify it was the right directory. You should see your photos.

NEXT: Configure a automatic backup of the Pictures folder to another device

  1. Go back into the actions menu for Pictures (Press the “actions” button next to the “Pictures” folder)
  2. Choose “Sync Options”
  3. Press the “New Automatic Sync” button
  4. Select the destination (example “My Homepc”)
  5. Press “Choose” next to the folder you want to backup to.

NOTE: Verify Read Access

On your android device and the destination device make sure to remove any unwanted readers to prevent other users from seeing your photos.

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