It’s easy to get connected on Gabriel. Here are the 3 steps you will need to follow to get going:

STEP 1 – Register your new Secure Domain Name (SDN)

Your new account will be activated on the “myvirnetx.scom” secure domain. You can register as a new user at myvirnetx.com.

STEP 2 – Download & Install the Gabriel Collaboration Suite

After you verify your email address and are logged into the https://myvirnetx.com/ Account Management Portal, click on the “Download” link to find the installer for your computer or mobile device.

For Windows, the installer will ask you to click on “Next” a few times before putting a shortcut to start Gabriel on your desktop. During installation, click “Yes” when prompted to install the VirnetX signed device driver.

For OSX, open the disk image (DMG) and simply drag & drop the “Gabriel” folder to your “Applications” folder. Then, start Gabriel from the “Applications” folder or the launcher.

STEP 3 – Activate your device

Once you have opened the Gabriel application and accepted the license agreement, you will be asked to activate your device.

Enter your new Secure Domain Name in the first field and your password in the second. Next, enter a unique device name that identifies your computer, laptop or mobile device.

Finally, click the “Activate”  button and once completed you will be ready to add your friends and communicate securely.

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