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By default, new accounts on myvirnetx.scom will be “unlisted” from all search results. New accounts in other custom domains are “only searchable inside the domain”. If someone searches for your first/last name, secure domain name or email address, they will not be able to find you along with other matches. Users in the myvirnetx.scom domain are allowed to manage this setting. For custom domains, this setting may be enabled or locked depending on the Security Policy enforced by your Domain Administrator.

To change your search privacy from the Gabriel client: #

  1. Click the 3-line menu at the top left to view your “Account” page
  2. Click the gear icon ⚙︎ to open “Settings” page
  3. Click “Security & Privacy”
  4. Click “Search Privacy” to make changes.

To change your search privacy from the portal: #

  1. Log into your account on
  2. On the top right, click your name to reveal the account dropdown
  3. Click “Update Account”
  4. Scroll to the bottom and update the value in the drop down next to “Searchable”

Search Privacy Options: #

  1. Only Searchable inside the domain
    1. Also called “My Domain Only”
    2. This means only people in your domain will see you in the directory
  2. Not Searchable
    1. Also called “Unlisted”
    2. This will remove your name from the directory of users. While unlisted, the only way your friends can find you is if they first search for your exact secure domain name (user.mydomain.scom) and then choose to send a request the unlisted domain name. Users will not know that you are a Gabriel user.
  3. Searchable by all users
    1. Also called “All Users”
    2. This will allow everyone in any peer domain to find you.
    3. Note: You Domain Admin controls which domains are trusted, which impacts the scope of this setting.

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